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Retirement Income Questions?


How is your Golden Parachute? 

Will my wealth translate into consistent pay checks?

Are my assets positioned to guard against market decline, volatility, tax increases, inflation?

Do I have "smart beta" working for my assets?

 Request an initial consult. We routinely use Zoom and Team.


Call  214-310-1834​


Longhorn Retirement and Life Insurance Agency LLC is

an independent firm looking out for your retirement best interests. We enjoy helping people accumulate, grow, preserve, and protect their financial legacy. 


We monitor new trends, rates, and financial products, to help our clients reach their retirement goals.  Together we discover and establish custom needs and opportunities before discussing recommendations. 



To help professionals, entrepreneurs, and pre-retirees maximize their retirement savings, in light of protecting their families, businesses and assets from death-disability, unnecessary taxes and market downturns. To ensure and insure our clients and families don't outlive their income; resilient and reliable.


To offer the best service, financial products and strategies available for our clients during their earning and retirement years.  



  • Retirement Income Planning

  •  Annuities: indexed, fixed, Immediate

  • Qualified Rollovers, Roth, Solo 401k, IRA, 403B, SEP

  • Pension Maximization 

  • Estate Planning

  • ​Universal Life Insurance

  • Indexed Universal  Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Tax Qualified Long Term Care Insurance

  • Tax Free Income ​

  • Retirement Strategies 

  • Disability Insurance 

  • The New Golden Parachute

  • Pension Plans

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