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Founder Todd Boddy, RICP® , (Retirement Income Certified Professional), has been assisting clients in retaining, and growing, and protecting their assets for retirement since 1997.  He resides outside of Princeton TX, with his wife Loretta and is visited often by his four kids and 6 grandkids.


He holds a BA from University of Texas at Austin, and a ThM from Dallas Seminary. He formerly worked with New York Life Insurance for ten years in North Texas before opening his own agency. He currently serves on the board of Christ Cares for Princeton-- a non-profit community benevolent ministry and as a volunteer "Chaplain of Hope" for Princeton School District.  


Whether it is establishing a lifetime income, or leaving a legacy, Todd Boddy, can guide & educate you to a custom solution.  



Motivated to Deliver Real Retirement Funding Solutions

With every passing birthday or stock market cycle, your options to maximize your retirement income and secure your family's financial future may be slipping away. 


Have you ever visited with a family member or business partner during a stressful time of need, due to death or disability? Known or helped someone who has outlived their income and in debt? There may be nothing more dismal than inability to go back in time to form a different outcome.


Due to longevity, it is likely you will be faced with managing your parents affairs or passing that burden on to your children. Business partners with no clear funding of continuation plans can have similar issues.  

A prolonged failure to act will ensure several representatives with authoritative methods for your wealth distribution will show up and they won't ask for your permission.


Waiting for your wealth at the end of the rainbow may include:  another bear market, inflation, family members unqualified to manage financial and health care decisions,  the high cost of long term care, default probate, estate and federal tax laws.


Most of these burdens or catastrophes can be avoided. Opportunities abound if you educate yourself early. Call-contact us for a free review or attend our next seminar. 

​We will gladly work with you tax consultant or legal advisor. 


Join us for our next mini-seminar in Historic Downtown Mckinney or on line.

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