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We believe in listening, educating, and helping our clients find the best lifestyle solutions to their retirement income and personal financial protection needs. We will help you find the appropriate type of retirement strategies, like a Golden Parachute or particular product(s) tools like life insurance, annuity, long term care coverage, to  meet your needs.  Contact us to set an initial appointment for a free assessment.

Most retirement preparation is called the accumulation years, when people are gainfully employed. But when they reach the top of the rollercoaster  of their earning years and begin the ride down for retirement, decumulation planning becomes a much more complex task.


Trying to coordinate Social Security timing, pension choices, portfolio management, long-term care, market crashes, inflation, and which financial bucket to liquidate next is quite complex. The average person is not prepared for the financial off-road terrain of the retirement years. 


Entering the Decumulation Years of Retirement Spending
Life Insurance


Often the most valuable asset to your family and business is you.  If you or a key person should die, nothing else delivers immediate income tax free cash like life insurance.  

Funded properly, life insurance is one of only two ways to fund tax free income. (Roth 401k's, IRA's, SEP's, the other)


What is your earning potential worth the next five to ten years to your business and family? 



Annuities are very popular for funding retirement income as the only source of guaranteed lifetime income. They also can  provide tax differed growth, asset protection, growth combined with safety from market volatility. They  are offered with many different riders to help you maximize your retirement income. 


Annuities can be powerful tools in helping you establish an income you can never outlive.   

Longterm Care


At least 50% of people who buy Longterm Care policies will use them. Medicare does not cover longterm care needs and to receive medicaid you must be near destitute.  


Yet qualified longterm care premiums & payments can receive  favored tax status compared to liquidating other assets. Longterm care funding features

are now offered also in life and annuity product 

Social Security  



How do I maximize my social security? Your decision on how to file and when can make the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars.  




One of the greatest drags on business is the disability of a partner who unfortunately has become limited in their contribution to the company.


Now their salary needs to be met along with their replacement's pay check. What is the most effective way to limit this risk?  





Lifetime? Joint and survivor?, Vesting schedules? Pensions can be reliable, but very inflexible, and require choices that once made, cannot be changed when initiated. 



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