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Teacher Retirement 101


What are educators saying?

"I came from the cut throat banking and financial service industry before entering education. Also having lost money  because of the last two market crashes, my husband and I basically froze our other assets, so we wouldn't loose any more.  When Todd and Dave reviewed my pension and our serial 401k's from former jobs, we finally recognized the solutions we were holding out for"

"I was about to retire and take a three year lump sum distribution up front to fund a new business. So glad I decided to meet with someone in confidence first. Yep, what you don't know will can hurt you. They literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars."

Have you been contacted by Or, were you  invited to participate in a TRS or Retirement Pension & Social Security review?


Great, then you've come to the right place--Welcome! Get ready to take control of your retirement plans. The longer you wait, the less opportunities you have to retire well.


Teacher Retirement 101 specializes in educating Texas teachers, administrators, and staff regarding their state sponsored pensions, social security, related 457 and 403b plans, & life insurance.

We answer questions like:

When can I retire?

How much will I receive?

Should I take a lump sum distribution?

Is zero income taxes in retirement possible? How?

How will my or my spouses' social security be affected by my pension?

Will I receive any SS?

How can I have market like gains with no loses?

What should I do with retirement accounts from previous employment?

Can I buy back years of service?

What are the latest changes in TRS I should be aware of?

How will my retirement accounts be treated for taxes?

How do I guard my retirement plans against living too long, chronic or critical illness.

And many more questions you might have...

Haven't you waited long enough? Take care of your future self. 

Contact us and we'll let you know when we are coming to your school district or will arrange an appointment.

"There are always solutions everywhere!"

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