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Open Borders, Debt Bomb, & Magnificent Seven

As the ancient Biblical prophet Jeremiah examined the political, social, and moral landscape of his 6th century B.C. country, he was greatly disturbed to his core. Powerful enemies had already eroded the protective layers around the original "One Nation Under God." The prophet issued a grave warning, "In your pursuit of worthless idols, you too have become worthless."

The ability of an outside army from the East to finally take Jerusalem was enabled by a national, multi-generational loss of character, that especially reflected a people who knew better, who no longer looked up. Lap Tops like that of Hunter Biden could be found, discarded by the thousands on the hills of their capital. Jeremiah's people, once set aside to be a light to the surrounding nations had become a black hole of immorality and injustice, rampant prostitution, corrupt judges, and an elite class in denial as they tread their own economic wine press.

As you have worked hard to build for your retirement, it is very sad to see, now that you have arrived, some places are not worth visiting anymore. Some of my clients bemoan what is happening around them and scared that much of their assets can slip through their hands like sand. As they travel or shop locally they experience the Open Borders, (Texas up to 52 counties declaring an Invasion). When they see the national debt news, they wonder if Social Security can even be around but for a few more years. Unfortunately, many of them spend a lot of time watching the latest stock pickers prognostications looking for the next Magnificent Seven Portfolio instead of enjoying themselves more; they are worried.

Professionals in this business, have to still help their clients keep the hands on the steering wheel even when their big picture seems overwhelming. No one knows the future, but "better" financial decisions can be made as history flies by us. This advisor, along with prudent fiduciary advice, still encourages everyone to look up and not waste their lives on worthless idols, and become worthless. Pray to Jesus, be kind, be alert, find a church or fellowship, hug your loved ones, do the right thing.


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