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It's All About Consistent Pay Checks

How can you guarantee a pay check every month, year after year despite the economy, politics, inflation, etc? Maybe have it increase with inflation?

How can you guarantee double your set amount of payments if 2 of the 6 infamous activities of daily living can no longer be met? How can you grow it until you need it while deferring the taxes? How can you use smart algorithms, a zero percent floor, brand name smart beta indexes and sometimes contractually guaranteed roll up rates to consistently grow your future and current income payments? How could you also have enhanced balloon death benefits on this type of money if you never used it, blessing your heirs?

Truth is, you can't, but 100 year old plus large boring life insurance companies can. They are experts at managing and pooling your money with others to help you build your own private pension fund. It's called an annuity. Annuities can take qualified money; 401k's, IRA's, SEP's, Simple's, both traditional and Roth, lump sum pay, flexible pay, and help stretch your retirement dollars with a guaranteed floor you can depend on. In many cases some types of annuities, like Fixed Indexed, have become the replacement of choice for bonds among many advisors. Maybe you should see if a guaranteed lifetime Pay Check is right for your retirement planning.


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